Meet Theo & Jeanne Miller!

Theo-Jeanne Miller - Senior Star

My parents and direct upline, Theo and Jeanne have been in Young Living for 15 years. Using the products has helped them raise six healthy children, and believe me, they have LOTS of experience using oils for many different things! They are my biggest supporters, and I thank God for them!


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Meet Deborah Miller!

Deborah Miller

My sister and dearest friend, Deborah is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She was in Papua New Guinea sharing the love of Christ with others during 2016, so I served as her team’s direct contact when she was out in the villages. Deborah hopes to have her love of Young Living products help fund her calling from the Lord to missions work.

To keep up with Deborah, follow her blog,


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Meet Kristy Dillard!

Kristy and I met at church 7 years ago, and she has become such a dear friend to me! Her love for Young Living is to not just to promote great health for herself and her family because I suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and also with my family, but also to share her passion for the Lord as it relates to caring for the temple He has given us with out all the toxins that are constantly bombarding us these days. Kristy is also excited about the financial freedom that working with a great company like Young Living offers and sees this as a ministry that can help fund her as she seeks to do what the Lord has called her to do–whether that is as is in missions or teaching education or anything else. Kristy is an amazing young woman of the Lord!


To order products or be part of Kristy’s YL team, click here!

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