Your Story and Mine: Oola for Women NEW Book is available tomorrow!

When I first received the news that I would be getting an advanced copy of the new book, Oola for Women, I knew it was a gift from the Lord for this time in my life. I have been a fan of the Oola Guys for several years now, re-reading the Oola book every year around January. Working through Oola helps me to analyze the past year and think about all that the Lord can do in the next if I focus on serving and following Him with passion.

This year in particular, I have struggled in seeing my purpose and feeling able to accomplish it. I have felt like a failure–in my job, at home, as a daughter and sister, and in so many other ways. In a word, I was UNBALANCED. Oola is defined as that state of awesomeness which is marked by “a life that is balanced and growing in the key areas of health, finances, career, relationships and well-being.” The idea is that, when we focus too much of our time and energy on just one area of life, other aspects of life are often neglected. When one area is neglected, that affects every other area of life as well. Success is not about being the best at one thing, like our career, to the detriment of another, like our family life–true success is found only when we can balance the 7 areas of life and keep away Oola blockers (things that keep us from reaching our full potential as we strive to be better in our faith, family, fitness, finance, field, friends, and even fun).

Oola for Women does much the same thing for me as the original Oola book, except in a slightly different way. In addition to reading about Dave and Troy’s stories, this new book includes personal testimony from women across the country who are living the #oolalife in their own way. You’ll hear from greats like Lindsey Elmore (@thefarmacistala), Debra Rayburn, and Sarah Robbins, as well as many other “normal” wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs etc. These stories are encouraging and varied, and they bring the ideal of an Oola life a bit closer to the reality and practicality of daily life. In essence, Oola for Women takes what was laid out in the Oola book and shows us more specifically HOW living the #oolalife is possible for us. The stories help us realize we are not alone in our daily struggles, and they also uplift us and make us believe we can unlock the greatness God has put in us and live the #oolalife too.

Have you read the original Oola book? Great! Oola for Women will still be an awesome addition to your library! Are you new and wondering what this whole Oola thing is about? Oola for Women is for you too. It stands on its own as well as it sits complementary to the original. Do you need a reminder about what is important in life? Are you working hard without feeling like you’re gaining ground or growing closer to the potential within ypurself? Are you successful but tired all the time, trying to take care of so many things and in need of a bit of encouragement? Do you take care of all the to-do’s but forget to spend time growing in your faith? I recommend you go buy this book today so you can receive it ASAP. It officially releases tomorrow, May 2!

Oola for Women can be purchased at the following sites (40% off if you order before midnight) and would be great as a mother’s day gift, teacher thank-you, or summer read for yourself or a friend.

Barnes and Noble


As the guys always say–

Be grateful, have faith, and go get your OolaLife!

New Essential Rewards Plan

Two days ago, Young Living rolled out a new Essential Rewards plan, and I am so excited to share it with you! The new tiers of points back will be 10%, 20%, and 25% back (instead of 10%, 15%, and 20%), and the time frame in which you can start saving, much quicker.  After just three months on ER, you will start getting 20% back!

NOW is the time to join Essential Rewards and start saving. All points you receive can be used to purchase FREE product (you only pay shipping) online.

2016 ER Updates

Remember, you have one month off each year, so don’t worry.  If things are tight, just log in and navigate to the Essential Rewards page, then click on “Skip this month” to have the current month be your month off.

*For those already on ER, your level of % credit will be based on your total time already in the program