2016-09 John Maxwell

If I have learned one thing throughout the last two years, it has been the importance of taking time out from the craziness of the world we live in to refocus and spend time in personal development.  This includes, of course, centering in on my relationship with the Lord, but it also means sitting under and learning from people who have spent time studying the world, people, and how we can best serve others with out lives.

John Maxwell’s works have had a great influence on me, so I am very excited about his new project geared specifically toward those in the network marketing industry. Even more exciting is that Adam and Vanessa Green will be some of the presenters at the September class.

We never stop learning and growing–what will you do today to become a better leader, friend, parent, or team player today?

To buy tickets for the September 30 event (to see it live in GA or to watch virtually), go here: https://leadersmultiply.com/?ref=R76F894Y

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