Thursday’s Tip of the Day: Diffusing Necklace

rd_imageHi all! For the rest of 2016, I plan on giving you one oily tip of the day each week on Thursdays. This week, I wanted to discuss¬†essential oil diffuser necklaces. I bought mine during an oily event at the Diffusing Mama’s booth last year, and I have loved using it ever since. Mine cost $30, but they have other cheaper or more expensive choices as well. This one opens like a locket and has two cotton pads inside that you can place drops of oil on. My recent favorite has been Stress Away, but I also love putting Christmas Spirit or anything citrus in my necklace. When buying a diffuser necklace, there are several things to consider. Read more


Well, I am sure most of you know about the tornadoes that swept through our area of Texas just after Christmas. It was scary not so much because we feared for our own lives, but because of the destruction we knew was happening all around us. As morning broke that next day and news kept coming in through text messages, Facebook, or wherever else I could find it, I could not help but be relieved that the recurring theme was “damage to home but we’re okay.” I know there is much to be thankful for in the fact that so many homes were destroyed and yet most of us were not physically injured in any way. Things like this certainly bring us back to the simple things of life and help us remember Read more